Andretti and Sites: Putting It to the Test

Recently professional race car driver John Andretti and I field-tested the new IMMI® three-point seat belt harness that will be installed on Polaris RZRs beginning 2013.  In case you aren’t aware, these next generation UTVs are not your dad’s UTVs.  They are high performance, amazing machines that are faster, and more fun than ever.  Now, I had been on the dirt test track previously while driving many UTVs, as well as a RZR with a conventional belt.  Every time I encountered rough terrain that bounced, my conventional seat belt literally caused me pain in my shoulder and waist due to cinching.  I found myself backing off the gas peddle to lessen the discomfort on the rough areas of the track.

Of course, I understand why so many UTV drivers refuse to use their seat belts in rough terrain.  Because it hurts!  They’ve made a choice of comfort over safety, and that is flat out dangerous!  But with this new belt, in my opinion, IMMI is going to change the minds and save the lives of many UTV riders with their new restraints.  Not only are these things so comfortable, that you don’t even notice that you are wearing one, but they are also easy to use and durable as heck!  They have successfully addressed every negative issue and have produced a seat belt that is the most user-friendly belt I’ve ever had on!  And trust me, if I can’t tear it, then up nobody can!  With John Andretti driving the RZR during our test, he took it to race car driver level, which I do not recommend that anyone try at home.  Remember folks, he is a professional driver!   We pushed it to the limits, and were experiencing the toughest conditions that any person could ever experience while in the outdoors, and I didn’t even realize my belt was there, with the exception that I felt very secure wearing it.  Amazing!  Way to go IMMI!

Dr. Jimmy Sites
Spiritual Outdoor Adventures
National TV Host and Producer

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