It’s Time to Go Pro

The BoatBuckle Pro Series tie-downs feature our new SUR-Grip Kwik-Lok buckle for maximum comfort. For added safety and security, the transom and gunwale tie-downs come standard with Hi-Vis protective PVC pads and our Night Eyes reflective closure patch for increased visibility in low light conditions.

Pro Series Kwik-Lok Transom Tie-Downs

IMMI’s Transom Tie-Downs provide zinc-coated steel trailer hooks and vinyl-coated steel top hooks which resist cracking and peeling.



  • 2.0″ x 2′ (F17631)
  • 2.0″ x 4′ (F17632)
  • 2.0″ x 6′ (F17633)

Break Strength: 1,200 lbs./ea
SWL: 400 lbs./ea

Pro Series Ratchet Tie-Down

Our ratchet tie-downs offer durable nylon webbing and a protective web pad along with a molded SUR-Grip handle for greater ease in ratcheting.


1″ x 3′
Break Strength: 1,200 lbs./ea
SWL: 400 lbs./ea

BoatBuckle Pro Series Gunwale Tie-Down

IMMI’s gunwale tie-down also features our SUR-Grip Kwik-Lok buckle and a built-in closure that stores excess web while trailering, as well as vinyl-coated S-hooks with Keeper.



  • 2.0″ x 10′ (F17634)
  • 2.0″ x 13′ (F17635)
  • 2.0″ x 16′ (F17636)
  • 2.0″ x 20′ (F17637)

Break Strength: 1,200 lbs./ea
SWL: 400 lbs./ea

Pro Series Kwik-Lok Bow Tie Down

The bow tie-down features the same great Pro Series features and a loop end for easy attachment. For maximum trailering safety, IMMI recommends that a bow tie-down always be used in conjunction with a winch strap and transom or gunwale tie-down.


1.0″ x 3′
Break Strength: 1,200 lbs.
SWL: 400 lbs.