Most of our CargoBuckle products are available for bulk order. Consult IMMI’s Outdoor Catalog for bulk order item numbers.


A box of BoatBuckle winch straps is featured for those interested in buying in bulk.Bulk products are perfect in marine service centers and anywhere bulk displays and value oriented prices are key. IMMI hand-picked our most popular styles and sizes of tie-downs to make your job easier. Choose from a transom, gunwale, or winch strap, and enjoy boating safely with our retractable grab handles.

All bulk products are individually labeled with product and UPC information and are shipped in a convenient point-of-purchase bulk display box.


Winch Strap with Loop End

A gray BoatBuckle winch strap with loop end is featured.

2.0″ x 20′
Break Strength: 4,000 lbs./ea
SWL: 1,333 lbs./ea
Bulk single item
Case Quantity


Retractable Grab Handles

BoatBuckle grab handle is features which can retract out of the way when not in use.At IMMI, we’re all about Bringing Safety to People. Our retractable grab handles feature comfortable, contoured handles and a flush-mounted, recessed cavity that allows each handle to retract out of the way when not in use, providing a clean, attractive look. Stainless steel screws are provided.


Retractable Grab Handle Linear

Black BoatBuckle grab handle liner is featured.


Bulk single item
Case Quantity: 20


Retractable Grab Handle Spool

BoatBuckle grab handle spool is featured which can be purchased in bulk.

Bulk single item
Case Quantity: 50